Mizbala is a groundbreaking,
creative-driven group based in Israel.

Specializing in crafting smart narratives that shape markets since 2006, Mizbala serves as a delta force for tier 1 entities who seek more profound influence on consumers, businesses and decision makers.

51% GOOD

51% GOOD

Mizbala dedicates majority of its time, assets and resources for the greater good, fueling and empowering activists, causes and life-changing agendas with superior capabilities.

BridgesWillBurn – The strong arm. Experts in various fields, working together to even the odds between the public and evil based corporations.

REACTOR – The war chest​. A 100K/yr private fund aimed to provide activists with base capital.

TodayWeStand – The lobbying arm. The worst nightmare of  evil-based, multinational corporations in the corridors of Israeli parliament.



With unmatched capabilities and experience, Mizbala provides pure creative based solutions to a selected group of entities worldwide.

The Mizbala Agency – The flagship.  From idea to global awareness, supported by true creative marksmen.

WarMonger – Truth-telling arm. A curated team of professionals who deliver the loudest truth in over-flooded markets.

BAD –  Countermeasures arm. Experts in solving B2B conflicts.

WOE –  Enforcement  arm.  Mizbala’ s most powerful solution for tier 1 entities who seek to restrain multi-market cartels.


Mizbala works with few. If you are a creative-driven decision maker,  contact Mizbala via telegram or mobile +972-545385332

Discretion guaranteed.