Mizbala is a creative-driven group for tier 1 entities who seeks a more profound influence on consumers, businesses and decision makers.



No Credits. No Ego. Do more good than bad.

Mizbala dedicates majority of its time, assets and resources for the greater good, fueling and empowering activists, causes and life-changing agendas with superior capabilities.

BridgesWillBurn – The strong arm. Experts in various fields, working together to even the odds between the public and evil based corporations.

REACTOR – The war chest​. A 100K/yr private fund aimed to provide activists with base capital.

TodayWeStand – The lobbying arm. The worst nightmare of  evil-based, multinational corporations in the corridors of Israeli parliament.



The Mizbala Agency – The flagship.  From idea to global awareness, supported by true creative marksmen.

WarMonger – Truth-telling arm. A curated team of professionals who deliver the loudest truth in over-flooded markets.

BAD –  Countermeasures arm. Experts in solving B2B conflicts.

WOE –  Enforcement  arm.  Mizbala’ s most powerful solution for tier 1 entities who seek to restrain multi-market cartels.


Mizbala works with few. If you are a creative-driven decision maker,  contact Mizbala via telegram or mobile +972-545385332

Discretion guaranteed.