Mizbala is a groundbreaking, creative-driven group based in Israel.

Specializing in building smart narratives that makes headlines worldwide, Mizbala serves as a delta force for tier 1 corporations who seek more profound influence on consumers, businesses and decision makers.

Mizbala dedicates more than 50% of it’s time, assets and resources for the greater good, fueling and empowering activists, causes and life-changing agendas with superior capabilities.

Since 2006, Mizbala’s doing & co-doing gained over $690,000,000 in free media coverage.

mizbala - creative agency

Founded in 2006 by Guy Dayan and Dori Ben Israel,  Mizbala is an award winning creative agency and the flag brand of the Mizbala Group.

 The agency specializes in building smart narratives that makes headlines worldwide based on deep understating of media outlets triggers.


Founded in 2011, Warmonger is a truth-telling agency that helps a selected group of clients embed their truth in consumers, businesses and decision makers.

Warmonger amplifies the truth to more than 80 million people each year.


Founded in 2017, TodayWeStand is the lobbying arm of the Mizbala Group aimed to restrain the influence of social giants in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament).

It was cited by Channlel 10 (Israel) as “The Worst Nighmare of facebook in Israel”